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Established 1870

Covering the communities of:

  • Stillwater
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  • Afton
  • Bayport
  • Lakeland
  • Marine on St. Croix
  • Sommerset, WI
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Welcome to the new face of digital news.

We’ve been working hard over the past year. With thousands of options now available online, we’re striving to be the location of choice for our local readers.

And it’s paying off.

In the past year, we’ve increased our online readership by 40% while maintaining our high percentage of truly local readers. In an age of nearly infinite global competition and worldwide reach, maintaining and growing a truly local audience has been no small feat.

But we didn’t stop there. We’ve refined our advertising to make sure your business is not only a part of the site, but a part of the community. Whether you have an event, sale, or larger message to communicate, we bring you to our readers as part of the newsfeed. And whether readers are using their phones, tablets, or browsers, your message will be central to the experience.

We only cover the community. It’s your customers and your business that make it run. To reserve your space or learn more, email [email protected] or contact your local representative.

Stillwater Gazette and Valley Life Advertising Opportunities

The Stillwater Gazette is a Paid Mail delivery reaching 1,824 homes and 6,966 readers. The Valley Life is a Free Carrier delivery reaching 17,479 homes and 48,067 readers each week. Both papers are Broadsheet in a 6-column format.

For more information on advertising in these papers, call 651.439.3130, email us, or call one of our representatives directly.

Sales Executive Doug Lacher can be reached at (651) 796-1114

Sales Executive Brad Solem can be reached at (651) 796-1113