Girls swimming and diving: Stillwater tops field at SEC Relays

Malaina Fragnito swims the breastroke leg for Stillwater’s first-place 400 medley relay team in the season-opening Suburban East Conference Relays on Thursday, Aug. 24 at Stillwater Middle School. Fragnito and teammates Eva Johns, Asia Neuman and Keaton Koenig won the event in a time of 4:12.79. (Gazette staff photos by Stuart Groskreutz)

On the strength of victories in five of nine events, the Stillwater girls’ swimming and diving team took top honors in the season-opening Suburban East Conference Relays on Thursday, Aug. 24 at Stillwater Middle School.

The Ponies totaled 154 points to outdistance runner-up Mounds View, who finished with 118 points. Roseville, White Bear Lake and Cretin-Derham Hall each tied for third with 112 points.

Keaton Koenig swims the anchor leg for the Ponies in the 400 medley relay.

Only half of the league’s teams attended the event held in Stillwater — the other SEC teams competed simultaneously at Woodbury — but the Ponies were impressive while establishing themselves as a favorite for the conference championship.

“It’s nice to get a meet because it shows up things,” Ponies coach Brian Luke said. “We need to get in shape, but it’s nine days into the season and that’s why it’s not a nine-day season. They were starting to do a lot of things correctly and we found out that some of the younger kids can do some stuff. We’ll see what happens in the next three or four dual meets.”

The Ponies opened the meet with a victory in the 400 medley relay (4:12.79) and added a first-place finish in the 4×100 individual medley relay (4:20.11). Stillwater pulled away down the stretch while winning each of the last three races, including the 200 backstroke relay (1:55.56), 200 breastroke relay (2:18.11) and the 400 freestyle relay (3:44.88).

Stillwater placed second in the other four events.

Team standings

1. Stillwater 154; 2. Mounds View 118; 3, tie, Roseville 112, White Bear Lake 112 and Cretin-Derham Hall 112.

Individual results

400 medley relay — 1. Stillwater A (Eva Johns, Malaina Fragnito, Asia Neuman and Keaton Koenig) 4:12.79; 3. Stillwater B (Bella Chau, Sandy Liu, Ellie Speedling and Dorothy Chislett) 4:25.02; 7. Stillwater C (Elly Blair, Rachel Duerr, Avery Wright and Teresa Campbell) 4:40.36.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Mounds View, 1:44.27; 2. Stillwater A (Hannah Dettmann, Avery Wright, Annika Johns and Dorothy Chislett) 1:46.94; 4. Stillwater B (Luci Miller, Ellie Kill, Allie Kobilka and Molly Puhrmann) 1:53.74; 13. Stillwater C (Piper Howard, Katie DuPaul, Addie Flock and Mint Khamleart) 3:00.93.

4×100 individual medley relay — 1. Stillwater A (Schuyler DuPont, Malaina Fragnito, Ellie Speedling and Sydney Rogness) 4:20.11; 5. Stillwater B (Rachel Duerr, Anika Wright, Emily Weiss and Summer Jack) 4:45.35; 6. Stillwater C (Sarah Tague, Rubie Ballantyne, Sophia Chau and Ella Sorenson) 5:01.04.

Diving — *1. Roseville, 228.90; 2. Stillwater (Peyton Classon, Sydney Majkowski and Emily Kranz. Mckowski and Kranz) 188.30: 4. Stillwater B (Meghan O’Hara, Madelyn Puhrmann and Olivia Kuslich) 114.50.

200 butterfly relay — 1. Mounds View, 1:50.97; 2. Stillwater A (Hannah Dettmann, Emily Shanley, Avery Wright and Asia Neuman) 1:55.45; 4. Stillwater B (Annika Fredeen, Sarah Doeksen, Maddy Tibbetts and Sydney Dettmann) 2:05.44; 6. Stillwater C (Sydni Larson, Piper Zoller, Rachael Steele and Julianna Silva) 2:12.61.

800 freestyle relay — 1. Cretin-Derham Hall, 8:19.73; 2. Stillwater A (Sydney Rogness, Keaton Koenig, Rubie Ballantyne and Schuyler DuPont) 8:20.43; 5. Stillwater B (Rachel Duerr, Emma Sneden, Erin Wurgler and Teresa Campbell) 9:12.87; 6. Stillwater C (Sydney Peterson, Claire Summary, Lucy DuPont and Lydia Beck) 9:24.06.

200 backstroke relay — 1. Stillwater A (Asia Neuman, Eva Johns, Summer Jack and Annika Johns) 1:55.56; 3. Stillwater B (Katherine Eisenbrandt, Mikayla Cousineau, Grace Sneden and Catherine Trom) 2:08.11; 12. Stillwater C (Savannah Benson, Katya Harycki, Morgan Tope-Yates and Esther Steinke) 2:44.06.

200 breastroke relay — 1. Stillwater A (Sandy Liu, Paxton Watson, Caroline Reed and Malaina Fragnito) 2:18.11; 6. Stillwater B (Estelle Auleciems, Greta Bliss, Ellie Bliss and Lucy Donar) 2:32.15; Stillwater C (Grace Henke, Emily Weiss, Nissa Wilcox and Abby Hansen) DQ.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater A (Schuyler DuPont, Dorothy Chislett, Keaton Koenig and Sydney Rogness) 3:44.88; 9. Stillwater C (Marie Tschoepe, Kya Hodgdon, Emily Cosetta and Sydni Larson) 4:44.72; 10. Stillwater B (Annika Fredeen, Katherine Reed, Katelyn Stack and Angie Klein) 4:48.87.

* Meet record


Stillwater’s Eva Johns swims the opening leg for the Ponies in the 400 medley relay in the season-opening Suburban East Conference Relays on Thursday, Aug. 24 at Stillwater Middle School. (Gazette file photo by Stuart Groskreutz)