Joseph’s Lumberjack Days Pie Baking Contest winners

Joseph’s Lumberjack Days pie contest winners Alisha Hayes, Julia Peterson and Garrett Stanislaw. (Submitted photo)

Joseph’s Lumberjack Days Pie Baking Contest was held July 22 and had a total 23 people with 23 pies entered.

The winner is Alisha Hayes, first runner up Julia Peterson, second runner up Garrett Stanislaw. The winning pie flavor is a salted caramel chocolate cream. Hayes has the final say in naming the new winning pie and she will do that this week. Joseph’s will start making the pie as soon as July 28.

“We had a total of 23 pies entered this year,” said Joseph Kohler. “A very good collection of flavors and types to pick from. Everything from lemon cream raspberry to pistachio cream.”

Kohler said one of his favorite entries was a salted caramel cheesecake.

“Outstanding cheesecake with a smooth caramel topping,” Kohler said. “I wish we could have more than one winner with a group like this. Congratulations to all who entered and the winner of this year’s contest, Alisha Hayes.”