SRF Consulting, Inc., will do study of the Highway 36, Manning Avenue intersection

SRF Consulting, Inc., will do a study of the Highway 36 and Manning Avenue, or County State Aid Highway 15, intersection, after the Washington County Board of Commissioners approved a contract with the company June 13.

The $419,636 contract is for the coming year.

The county says Highway 36 is a critical east-west principal roadway and medium priority interregional corridor that serves the Northeast Metro to the Wisconsin border. Manning Avenue is a four-lane divided roadway that provides access to northern Washington County. The existing at-grade intersection of Highway 36 and Manning Avenue, which is where Grant, Lake Elmo, Oak Park Heights, Stillwater, and Stillwater Township meet, experiences significant congestion during morning and afternoon peak hours that will worsen with increased traffic volumes from the opening of the St. Croix Crossing bridge, the county says. The intersection also has a significant crash rate with crashes high in severity, and inadequate intersection spacing.

SRF will study the intersection and local roadway connections, and develop and evaluate interchange designs based on the needs of the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the county, the cities and township, business, and the public. The contract will provide interchange alternative analysis and seek additional funding assistance for a grade-separated interchange to improve access management for the development area while benefiting pedestrians and storm water drainage.

The SRF contract is funded by highway state aid. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021.