Column: Here, there and everywhere, let love compel

Jarvis Glanzer

Our tagline for missions at Watermark Church is “here, there and everywhere.” We are here to do God’s work. We are here to add value.

God has given us a heart for here (Stillwater area), there (Minnesota) and everywhere (world missions). We love serving in all these areas. As we serve and pray for these areas, our need to act becomes greater. As scripture says, “love compels us.”

This past year, our church helped bring plumbing to 76 homes in the village where we started a church in El Salvador. They have never had plumbing to their homes. We want to add value to them. The question we ask ourselves is, what if we loved and served one community? If we focused on these 76 homes, and added value to them, what kind of change could happen? What kind of impact could we make there?

Water might be ordinary to us, but water in a village that has never had plumbing before becomes extraordinary. We are called to the extraordinary. We are called to more. Let love compel us.

What can we do here? What can we do in our own city?

We want to be compelled by love to reach our neighbors, not just around the world but also our neighbors next door. We are here with a purpose and on purpose. Bless someone today.

When we step out in faith, God will take our “natural” and add his “super” to it and make it supernatural. He has called us to do the natural, and God will step in with the extra. One of my favorite quotes is from a pastor named Mark Batterson, “If we do the little things like they are big things, then God will do the big things like they are little things.”

I will end with this thought: If I asked you to come over and put sand in bags for no reason that would be boring. Even if I paid you a little, you would probably still complain and not enjoy it. If I came to you instead and said, “Can you help? The St. Croix River is rising and we need help! The overflowing river will destroy lives if we don’t help. We need you to help fill bags of sand to hold back the water. Would you help us?” Not only would you help, you would help without any concern for time or money. You would be more concerned with the greater mission.

We need to help others. People who know their mission are not complainers; they are workers. They’re part of a greater mission. Let do that for our community. Let’s not just be people who watch but people who get involved. Not just wonder what happened or what could have happened but be part of something that did happen.

Let love compel us.

Jarvis Glanzer is pastor of Watermark Church in Stillwater.