Letter: Signs remind who not to vote for

To the editor:

Washington County and the numerous municipalities included in District 39B represented by Kathy Lohmer in the Minnesota House of Representatives are some of the most beautiful, charming, attractive areas in the state of Minnesota.

We looked forward to enjoying this scenery again this summer. But, all that came to a screeching halt July 4th. All of a sudden it seemed like every street, every corner, every field on which there might be a lovely view was cluttered with “Kathy Lohmer For State Representative” signs.

For most of us, Kathy Lohmer is known as the state representative who is out of touch with Minnesotans. Lohmer, surreptitiously co-authored the Minnesota Voter ID legislation. This proposed law was soundly defeated by Minnesotans. Lohmer supported the Gay Marriage Amendment. This amendment was also defeated by Minnesotans.

Lohmer’s Democratic opponent will again be Tom DeGree. DeGree lost to Lohmer in 2012 by only 53 percent to 47 percent. Looking at the number of Lohmer signs suggests Lohmer has no opponent.

But, the Lohmer ‘signs everywhere’ versus the DeGree ‘no signs’ say something else. The Republican Lohmer campaign is loaded with money from corporate sponsors. The Republican overkill strategy will stop at nothing to cram Lohmer’s name down our throats. The callous Republican disregard for any semblance of beautiful landscapes is the name of the game. The Lohmer ‘signs everywhere’ has deservedly created a backlash against Lohmer among many residents.

In contrast, DeGree has a genuine concern for the environment. DeGree is a man of principle who will hold off on unnecessary signs. DeGree refuses to sink down into the ugliness of politics denigrating the beauty of Washington County. What a contrast in personalities!

Signs in September or October are understandable for a November election. But, any candidate who must post signs in July and August has little aesthetic judgment let alone respect for our community. Every Lohmer sign should remind us who not to vote for.

Lee Salisbury