Election letters policy

• Oct. 24 is the last issue election letters will be considered for publication. No letters pertaining to the election will be published the week prior to the election (Nov. 4), unless allowed as a direct response to a new issue or new accusation raised the week before. This is done in fairness, so no new issues are brought up in the last week without giving an opposing view the opportunity to specifically respond before the actual election.

• Submitting a letter does not guarantee publication.

• Letters from candidates will not be accepted (unless allowed under the policy).

• The newspaper reserves the rights to accept, edit or deny any letter, solely at its discretion. Letters containing potentially libelous comments or other material deemed to raise potential legal problems will not be published or will be edited appropriately.

• Writers may be asked to supply sources to substantiate claims made.

• Letters may be no longer than 350 words.

• The deadline for submitting letters is noon on Monday for possible publication Wednesday, and noon on Wednesday for possible publication Friday.

• All letters must include the letter writer’s name, address, daytime and evening phone numbers for verification purposes. Email addresses are not sufficient for verification. Only the writer’s name and city of residence will be published.

• Editors will publish only one letter every calendar month from the same author, even if the letters are on different topics.