13 homes planned for 6.76-acre site in Oak Park Heights

Creative Home Construction Investments has received approval for a 13-home development called Palmer Station on a 6.76-acre site near Oak Park Heights City Hall.

Known as the Palmer property, the site is at 13999 60th St. N., located south of Oak Park Boulevard and east of Oakgreen Avenue North.

The property currently has a single family home with outbuildings and about half an acre of wetland.

The city council unanimously agreed to rezone the property from Open Space Conservation District to low-density residential, and unanimously approved a planned unit development July 22.

The developer will be allowed to have narrower lots than usually allowed, but all the lots will meet the typical minimum square-footage requirements. Side yard setback requirements on the garage side of the house may also be reduced from 10 to 5 feet.

According to Mick Lynskey, a representative for the developer, the project could have included 13 homes with lot sizes meeting the usual requirements, but that would mean more paved surface and would provide less buffer between Palmer Station and nearby properties.

“We just think this is a better plan,” he said.

To mitigate drainage concerns, the council is requiring the developer to add a storm water pipe at an estimated cost of $62,000.

Lynskey said the developer didn’t think the storm sewer improvements were necessary due to other mitigation measures, and asked the city to share half the cost.

The city did not agree to do so, but may revisit the issue at a later date after seeking the watershed district’s opinion on the need for the pipe.