Inmate gets extended sentence

A 28-year-old inmate at the Oak Park Heights prison, Kippy Gene Wilson, had 15 months added to his sentence in connection with an assault on another inmate. Wilson has been in prison for homicide since 2006. According to the Minnesota Department of Corrections website, his expected release date is Feb. 21, 2030.

On Feb. 8, 2013, corrections officers saw Wilson strike another inmate, and he was sprayed with an irritant to stop him from striking the other. A homemade weapon made from a razor blade was found lying on the other inmate’s back.

Wilson had a razor permit, which officers believe was where the weapon came from. The other inmate was diagnosed with lacerations to his right ear and the left side of his head and chin. He needed 10 stitches and seven staples to close the injuries.