Church briefs: Spring craft sale for Knights of Columbus

An annual Spring Craft, Bake and Boutique Sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 5, at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 1910 South Greeley Street, Stillwater. Many quality crafters will be there as well as a delicious bake sale. There will be a raffle for a Basket of Groceries, a Mystery Basket as well as a beautiful Centerpiece to decorate your home. Stop by to shop and then have lunch with your friends. Home-made soups, sandwiches, bars, etc., Will be your’s to choose from. There is no entry fee, and coffee is free. Ample parking make it easy to stop by. The sale will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is sponsored by the Columbian Women of Solanus Casey Council #1632 Stillwater Knights of Columbus.

Benefit partnership breakfast April 13

Everyone is invited to a benefit partnership breakfast at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Stillwater, Sunday, April 13, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Proceeds will benefit St. Croix Catholic School of Religion Curriculum. Adults are $8; Children age 12 and under are $4. Donations are also being accepted for St. Michael’s Food Shelf. Open to the public. All are welcome.

Retreat reveres high holy days of the year

The Benedictine Center is offering a unique opportunity to observe the three final days of Lent. Called the “Triduum Retreat,” it will be held from Thursday, April 17 through Saturday, April 19. Participants will experience the three most sacred days of the church year with the Benedictine sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery. The $160 cost includes lodging and meals.

The retreat will be facilitated by Carol Rennie a Benedictine Sister, spiritual director and former prioress of the monastery, who will help participants deepen their appreciation of the narratives, symbols and lived experience of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. It also includes worship, rest and free time. Spiritual direction is also available.

To register online, go to and follow the link to the Benedictine Center. For more information, call 651-777-7251 or email: [email protected] The Benedictine Center, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters at St. Paul’s Monastery, is located at 2675 Benet Road in Maplewood.

Opportunities at St. Andrew’s Church

Quiet your mind, calm your spirit and focus on devotion at the Yoga-related classes hosted at St. Andrew’s church at 900 Stillwater Road in Mahtomedi.

• Yogadevotion, a practice of breath, prayer and movement led by a trained yoga instructor. Yogadevotion helps to encourage healthy living and a peaceful presence. Whether you are just beginning to explore the benefits of yoga or an experienced yogi, you are welcomed to this community. Register online or call Dianne Nash, at 651-762-9141 for more information.

This seven-week session runs from April 7-May 19; cost $50. In order for the class to be held 15 people need to be pre-registered

• Practicing in the Presence – Monday Mornings, Multi-level; 9-10 a.m., this class is open to all ages. Classes will be held in Sanctuary Room 204.

• Practicing in the Presence/Yin Yoga – Monday Evenings, 5:30-6:15 p.m. in the Great Hall. Yin yoga poses are intended to work passively with the fascia rather than actively with the muscles. Class will require props such as a block, strap, and blanket/pillow for the closing meditation. You may bring your own props from home or purchase the first night of the class.

• Practicing in the Presence – Monday Evenings, 6:30 p.m. This multi-level class is open to all skill levels from beginner to advanced.

Classes are held in the Great Hall.

New book reflects Benedictine riches

Can a fifth century monk show us how to live in the 21st Century? A new book called The Way Forward, written by local poet Vic Klimoski, shows how a spiritually-based life does not mean abandoning the world. Instead, it means re-connecting to the world in a new way.

Klimoski’s book contains essays, poems and reflections that show how the monastic “Rule” of Benedict of Nursia (born in 480 BC) can help us build community, deepen relationships and find our footing in the chaos and complexity of modern life.

“The combination of busyness and total on-line connectedness is driving us mad,” he writes. “Choosing things and people that breathe life into how we live will help us cultivate the peace and balance we yearn for.”

Klimoski is a poet, teacher, and contributing editor to Through a Child’s Eyes, a collection of poems reflecting on the fate of children caught in war and civil unrest. His other books are What it Might Mean, A Month in Klicar and Poems of Other Places.

He is completing his 15th year at Saint John’s School of Theology, which included five years as director of the Benedictine Center, where he continues to offer classes and retreats. Klimoski recently received a Distinguished Service Award from the Alumni Association of Saint John’s School of Theology.

To purchase his book, go For more information, call 651-777-7251 or email: [email protected] The Benedictine Center, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Paul’s Monastery, is located at 2675 Benet Road in Maplewood.