Next steps in District 834 superintendent search

District-834-Stillwater-Area-Schools-LogoThe Independent School District 834 school board will seek out an interim superintendent for next school year on the heels of Corey Lunn’s acceptance of a job offer at Johnston School District in Iowa.
“This is probably the worst kept secret the board has had,” Board Chair Tom Lehmann said. “George (Hoeppner) was the last person that led the charge for it, so I was wondering if we had enough time or if we needed to do something different.”
Board Member Hoeppner told the board that this is his seventh superintendent search, because he serves on the East Metro Integration District Board, and he didn’t believe that there was sufficient time to conduct a complete search.
“Starting this late in the year to have a search could be a difficult job,” Hoeppner said. “It’s not the only thing on our plate, but if asked, I’d say the best direction to go at this time would be to get an excellent interim and open things up next December.”
Several other board members agreed with his suggestion, saying it was too late in the year to get a new superintendent.
“I think we can rely on George Hoeppner to take the lead on this one,” Lehmann said.
“I’d be happy to help,” Board Member Natasha Fleischman said.
Hoeppner said that he’d try and reach out to Tom Nelson, who has served as an interim in the past.
“I think that would be good,” Fleischman said. “He knows us and the people in the district, so there would be less catch up.”
“I just want to make sure that we’re open to not just a known quantity and explore all of our options,” Board Member Amy Burback said.
Hoeppner agreed to take the lead and make the call to Tom Nelson and said he would have a recommendation ready by the next school board meeting, scheduled for April 10.

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