Court report: Stillwater man faces criminal sexual conduct charges

Timothy Charles Dempze of Stillwater faces charges of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly touching a child inappropriately. The alleged victim was related to Dempze’s girlfriend.

Court documents state that the victim’s mother reported having a conversation with her daughter, who told her that Dempze allegedly touched her inappropriately on two occasions.

According to court documents the victim said she believed that on these occasions Dempze thought she was asleep. She said when he realized she was awake he allegedly said sorry to her, kissed her on the forehead and left the room.

St. Paul man sentenced in motorcycle part theft

A St. Paul man was sentenced to 103 days in jail and five years of probation in connection with an incident in which he stripped a motorcycle of parts in Bayport in 2012.

Parker James Yanisch was caught on surveillance footage from Andersen Windows pulling his truck and boat trailer up near a motorcycle and removing parts from the bike. The truck came from the direction of Beach House Marina.

Officers went to Beach House Marina and found a truck matching the description. The registered owner told police that his girlfriend and Yanisch borrowed the car. He added that his girlfriend had told him that she and Yanisch had stripped the parts from the motorcycle. Another witness said that the girlfriend had dropped off the stolen parts at his residence. Total damage to the vehicle came in at $1,588.41.

In addition to his sentence, Yanisch must pay a $100 fine plus surcharges and $592.62 to the victim in the case. He must no use drugs or alcohol and submit to random testing, as well as have a chemical-dependency evaluation and remain law-abiding.

Probation in connection with drug charges

A Bayport man was given three years probation in connection with drug charges brought against him May 30, 2013.

Erik Albert Benzinger pleaded guilty to fifth-degree drug charges.

In May Bayport police conducted a search warrant on his residence and vehicle. A K-9 officer alerted near the center console area and drawer in the center of the dashboard. Officers searched the compartments and found a plastic bag with Batman symbols on it. In the bag were six pills. Court documents state that Benzinger identified the pills as Adderall and noted that he didn’t have a prescription and knew it was illegal to possess them.

Benzinger must pay a fine, get a chemical dependency evaluation and follow recommendations, attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings two times a week for six months, not use drugs or alcohol and submit to random testing.

Inmate sentence extended

An inmate at the Stillwater Prison was committed to the commissioner of corrections for 31 months after begin found guilty of assault in the third degree.

The inmate, Anthony Silvo Fini, walked up behind the prison’s program director while he was talking with a correctional officer. Surveillance tape shows that Fini came up behind the program director and struck him in the face. The director then fell into the shower post area and Fini kept punching him. The corrections officer tried to help the program director but was unable to do so. Other officers eventually subdued Fini.

The program director and first officer to respond were both treated at Fairview Hospital ER due to injuries sustained in the attack.

The officer had bruising and a sprain to the left hand. The program director was treated for head trauma, injuries to his left ear and bruising to the left side of his left rib cage.

Fini was committed 31 month credit for 307 days.

Man charged with shoplifting

Jeffray Allen Walker of St. Paul faces charges of shoplifting more than $1,500 worth of merchandise from Kohl’s in Oak Park Heights on Nov. 30.

Surveillance video allegedly shows Walker having merchandise placed in his bag by another man and leaving the store with the items. Court reports state that Walker and three friends were pulled over after the loss prevention officer called Oak Park Heights police and reported the license plate.

Passengers in the vehicle allegedly said Walker and the other man in the video had gone into the store and came out with two bags.

The bags found in the vehicle contained several electronic headphones and clothing items. The total value of the items amounted to $1,526.93.