Creativity is all in the family

When it comes to creativity Cassandra Thomas and her mother Natalie Buske Thomas will be co-hosting a book signing event at Valley Bookseller on Saturday (submitted photo).

When it comes to creativity, the Thomas family has it in spades.
Natalie Buske Thomas of Hudson and her daughter Cassandra Thomas, a student at University of Wisconsin River Falls, will co-host a book signing event at Valley Bookseller on Saturday Feb. 15.
Natalie Buske Thomas is the author of the Serena Wilcox mysteries for adult readers. They focus on a former private detective turned mom, and the books follows Serena and the rest of the cast of characters as they sleuth around a variety of mysteries.
“It’s about a woman that can pick up on clues almost intuitively and figure things out like crimes, time travel and government corruption, which carries over from book to book to book,” Natalie said. “It’s really all about these characters getting together and having a really good time.”
Cassandra Thomas is a biotechnology student and the author of “KiLA iLO,” a work she describes as a “light-hearted science fiction comedy with cartoony artwork” that has two subsequent volumes and more to come.
“There are a lot of stories about people unexpectedly encountering alien life on other planets, so I wondered what would happen if aliens unexpectedly encountered life on our planet,” Cassandra said.
Natalie and Cassandra also work together to create a web comic called Dramatic Mom.
Teamwork helps both of them as they work on their volumes.
“I like my mom’s creative and funny ideas for comics, and she’s taught me a lot about drawing expressions and how faces can look really different if you change just one line,” Cassandra said. “I’ve learned a lot about how to clearly communicate ideas from working with her.”
“I used to joke with her when she was younger and had really taken on drawing that she always made me look so angry, but that forced her to look at expressions and really portrayed them truly,” Natalie said. “She’s helped me too. When she works on her work, she’s really intense. She has so much focus. She has an intense schedule, and she gets a lot done. She’s going to school full time, balancing her own web comic and working on her other stories. She’s a bit more disciplined than me, but when I look at what she accomplishes, I wonder if I could be more effective setting up a schedule versus me going on the whim of the day like I do.”
With the release of “KiLA iLO” Natalie says that it’s really helped Cassandra develop her sense of humor and show the lighthearted side of her personality in the pages of the work.
“I think we both help each other achieve our personal best,” Natalie added.
What can people expect from the upcoming signing? Natalie said the pair plans to talk with people and share more about their books. Copies of Natalie’s and Cassandra’s books will be available, as well as some examples of Natalie’s oil paintings. A presentation about the Dramatic Mom web comic will also take place.
The pair will be at Valley Bookseller, 217 Main St. N, starting at 2 p.m. Feb. 15.

Compiled by Avery Cropp at [email protected]