Stillwater won’t ask for ‘Log Jam’ name to change

The city of Stillwater will not ask organizers to change the name of the city’s summer festival, according to Councilmember Ted Kozlowski and City Administrator Larry Hansen.

Members of The Locals, the nonprofit charged with creating a new city festival, announced Jan. 21 that the official name of the festival would be “Stillwater Log Jam.” Later in the week it was reported that there was concern the name could be construed as a vulgar reference and that city officials requested the name be changed.

The group had used the working name “Stillwater Log Jam” in its presentation to the city council last fall, but until recently it had been seeking to obtain rights to the festival’s original name “Lumberjack Days.”

On Jan. 27, Kozlowski told the Gazette the council was in agreement that it would not request the name to be changed.

“Larry Hansen spoke with us, and the council members and I are all on the same page,” Kozlowski said. “We don’t want to ask them to change the name at this time. So it’s a dead issue.”

The revival of a city festival comes on the heels of two summers without one. Lumberjack Days was discontinued after the original organizer, David Eckberg, was charged with five counts of theft by check and five counts of issuing a dishonored check. His trial is scheduled to begin Feb. 3.

Cassie McLemore, a board member of The Locals sent the following written statement:

“We are pleased that the City of Stillwater has given us the green light to move forward in our planning efforts of Stillwater Log Jam.  We are committed to producing a family friendly festival in our great town, that highlights our history.”