Water board offers Stillwater residents options

The Stillwater Board of Water Commissioners will offer residents alternatives to placing wireless water meters in their homes.

The board made the decision Nov. 14. in response to a small number of residents concerned over suspected dangers of radiation emitted by the wireless meters.

Although residents will still be required to have new meters installed as part of the city’s replacement program, they can choose to have meters mounted outside their houses. The residents will be required to pay the extra cost of running a wire from the basement to the meter outside.

Residents who opt for an outside meter may also choose between a wireless meter and a traditional touch pad meter. The charge for installing the outdoor wireless meter was estimated around $200, and the charge for a touch pad was estimated around $120. There will be a $12 quarterly charge for those who choose the touch pad, because the water department must send someone to read the meter manually. The board reserves the right to re-evaluate that charge annually.

Steve Speedling, the board chair, said he was pleased with the conclusion reached by the board.

“At this point we’re in a good spot,” he said.

He also said the board welcomes questions from residents.

The water department can be reached at 651-439-6231.