Lake Life: Brrrr …


Stillwater seen from the Boom Site north of town. (Photo by Lee Miller)

Stillwater seen from the Boom Site north of town. (Photo by Lee Miller)

We spent some time at the cabin hauling out the pontoon and dock, and generally winterizing things. We took a break from further aggravating sore backs to drive up to Bayfield and see the sights. The temperature held steady at 50 degrees most of the way there. But then it rose 4 to 6 degrees as we approached Lake Superior. This warming effect keeps the trees green much later.  After an always fine lunch of white fish fillets at Maggie’s, we drove to Little Sand Bay park at the north end of the peninsula. We arrived the first day of the government reopening, but the rangers hadn’t returned yet. Guess they hadn’t gotten the word.

The park is on the site of the Holkenson family fishing and processing facility that operated from the 1920’s until the Lake Superior fishery collapsed in the 1950’s due to the lamprey invasion.  The blueberry bushes were still green along the shore, and a most remarkable sugar maple was confused with individual leaves ranging from green to yellow to bright red. Stop by if you are ever in the area.

Closer to home, the Stillwater marinas are busy pulling boats and buttoning them up for winter. One of the marinas has a spooky old horse carriage at the entrance … don’t know if it is there for Halloween or just a general display. Up at the Boom Site, the cliff swallows have flown the coop, leaving behind their nests glued to the cliff face.  Unfortunately, some of the past graffiti has disappeared, only to be replaced with new. Yet, Stillwater always looks inspiring through a telephoto lens.

Long Lake has several flocks of woodies still flying the lake. It may be the latest in memory. They were joined by a flock of Teal that blew in with the storm. And overhead was the sound of cranes. All will be headed south for warmer climes, while we tend to our “caves” for the cold darkness ahead. Brrrr.

— Text and photos by Lee Miller

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