Letter: Education is essential to humanity

Dear Editor:

There is little out there that works as hard to raise a child’s potential and motivate one to grow into a successful, contributing member of society as one’s school. The Stillwater public schools need our support and need sustainable funding for programming.

I’m distressed to see the many areas in which funding will be cut if the levy doesn’t pass on Nov. 5. Of chief personal concern is the music program. I’m a professional musician, earning my living as a singer in Cantus. My excellent music education growing up in Stillwater paved a path that has always included meaningful ways of using my talent to contribute to my community.

As a teenager taking voice lessons and singing in choir, I also sang regularly for churches in the area and would go with my mother from time to time to provide music to seniors at area nursing homes. Choirs that I sang in performed all over town, bringing artistically excellent music to everyone. My friends and I formed small groups and performed at the mall and any other public place that would have us. Since high school, I’ve made music around the world.

We must sustain that which makes us more human.

Shahzore Shah
St. Paul