Support the levy: An open letter

Dear Editor:

I’d like to share an open letter to my recent Stilwater Area High School graduate — ala Dr. Seuss:

Congratulations on graduating
My dear darling daughter
This day came much sooner
than I thought that it ought ter

From Doc you learned harmony
From Weaver dissection
Calculus humility
Speech Inflection

The world’s not the same
as when I came of age
Pluto was planeting,
floppy disks were the rage

My eighth-grade science
included slide rules and Morse
Dit dah dah dah dit dah dah dah
of course

I am glad you were taught
so much better than I
Now should I keep it going
or sit by the by?

We face a decision, my neighbors and I
More taxes, more teachers — or sit by the by?

It’s not as easy as you might think at first
My taxer was taxed when the bubble done burst

My finances flummoxed, my cash tree uprooted
I worked extra hours so I wouldn’t get booted

And now I must pay super de duper top dollar
For in-state tuition which has never grown smaller

Oh the taxes you’ll pay!

You’ll pay to come and pay to go
Pay to stunt and pay to grow
Pay to something I don’t know
I just know you’ll be paying.

They’ll tax your death and tax your life
Tax your dad and tax his wife
Tax the drum but not the fife
I find the world taxing

Still, focusing now on this quaint little town
Where the houses are up and the downtown is down

The teachers are better, they work harder too
I’ve watched, looked, listened and I tell you it’s true

We can fund higher budgets without breaking the bank
or hurting our parents whom we really should thank

If we go to the levy and the levy is dry
we are guilty of simply sitting by the by

Clayton Parker