Accused shoplifter appears in court

The man accused of shoplifting items from Stillwater Target earlier this month appeared in court last week to face a simple robbery charge.
The man, identified in court documents as Samuel Perez, allegedly was caught shoplifting by a Target loss prevention officer and was followed out of the store. When Perez left the store without paying for the items, the officer confronted Perez, who became aggressive and angry.
When the store security employee asked Perez to hand over the merchandise, the bag fell on the ground and Perez ran away after throwing a water bottle at the employee.
The Target employee picked up the items and Perez came back, started throwing rocks at the security officer, then grabbed the items and fled. Perez was later stopped by a Minnesota State Patrol trooper and identified as the shoplifter.

Inmate sentenced to 18 months

A 20-year-old inmate at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Stillwater had 18 months added on to his sentence after being convicted of aiding and abetting contraband into the Bayport facility.
The man, identified in court documents as Corey Lee Gilchrest, was observed holding a smoking device and handing it to other inmates in one of the hospital showers while the water was on. A subsequent search of Gilchrest revealed $72 in cash; a lighter; one smoking device; two packs of Liberty Herbal Incense, a synthetic marijuana, weighing three grams each; tobacco rolling paper, and a black phone book. Another inmate, identified as Marlon James Sands is also allegedly involved in the incident.
Court documents state that a review of phone calls between Gilchrest, his fiancee and Sands focused on how to get synthetic marijuana, tobacco and lighters and smuggle them into prison. The fiancee was allegedly told by Sands to purchase $225 of synthetic marijuana and Sands would pay her up to $1,000 through Western Union. The fiancee was instructed to put the contraband in de-icer bins in the prison’s visitor parking lot where other inmates would pick up the items and deliver them to Sands.
Gilchrest, for his part in the introduction of the contraband, was given 18 months additional to his current sentence  with five years of probation. He must have no same or similar offenses and remain law-abiding with no use of alcohol or drugs and submit to random testing.

Man convicted of obstructing justice

A Lake Elmo man was convicted of obstructing the legal process after originally being charged with harboring a fugitive.
The man, identified in court documents as David Lee Peltier, was sentenced in connection with a Feb. 8 incident at Peltier’s Lake Elmo farm.
Washington County Sheriff’s deputies were informed that a fugitive with four felony warrants was living at the Peltier farm three weeks prior to the Februrary incident.
Court documents said Peltier told deputies that the suspect had occasionally stayed at his home but had not been there in three days.
After approaching another home on the property, deputies were given permission to search the grounds and found the fugitive hiding in trees on the edge of the property.
Court documents said Peltier originally told deputies that the fugitive must have been there without his knowledge, then admitted he had seen the man. Peltier also admitted misdirecting deputies, and said the fugitive had been living at his home for two weeks, according to court documents.
Peltier must serve 15 days in jail with credit for four days served, was placed probation for a year, fined $50 and complete community work service.

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