Unexpected fairy tales

Moms of Stillwater
Moms of Stillwater

We were on our daily trip to our local neighborhood park. I had strategically positioned myself next to a pair of new moms.

They had their diaper bags loaded, and their baby wipes ready to clean the first dropped binkie. Their little boys were rocking the baby fedora and the striped polo bodysuit. Cutest little devils. These newbie moms were talking about all the things they would and wouldn’t do as parents. As they chatted I was stealth like (not so much) and moved in a bit closer.

First on their list. No TV.

I just about spit out my iced latte, but every drop is vital to me and I can’t spare any loss of caffeine.

Second on their list. No fast food or sugar. Gotta love them. There is something about true intentions that makes you just love the first-time mom.
Third. No toys outside of the playroom. This one just about knocked me off the bench. Good luck with that.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, etc. No snot noses, no muddy shoes, no torn jeans. Their boys would always be squeaky clean and decked to the nines. Basically, they would have to lock up their kids in a castle because they are living in a fairy tale.

With two young boys, muddy feet and monster trucks were part of Alicia Donovan’s summer. (Gazette photo by Alicia Donovan)

I have this thing I call Shaken Mommy Syndrome. It’s where I walk up to a helpless new mom and start shaking her. Telling her to stop worrying about all the do’s and don’ts. I tell her that mindless cartoons ensure you get a shower, drive-thrus are sanity savers and trying to clean up toys with kids around is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreo cookies.

There. My job was done. I gave them my 2 cents worth of parenting advice. And as I watched them quickly pack up their world, I thought about my two boys. All summer they had been wearing torn swim trunks, barefoot with Cherry Berry all over their faces and it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was living in my own fairy tale complete with muddy feet and monster trucks.

Alicia Donovan is a native of Stillwater. She is the mother of two (adorable young) boys. She is devoted to her family, her friends and her two dogs. She believes this lovely river town is the best place to raise children. She is realistic about life, an admitted control freak and loves building to community by connecting with people. She is head organizer and chief of details at Moms of Stillwater.