A great teacher gone but not forgotten

Bradley Castle was born in Stillwater in 1922. He moved to Seattle, Wash., where he taught biology at Queen Anne High School. When he retired he returned to Stillwater.

I am proud to say I was one of his students at QAHS. “Mr. Castle” was not an ordinary teacher. He was brilliant and funny and used the Socratic method better than any teacher I’ve ever had. In three years of law school I had some great teachers who used the same style, but none better than “Mr. Castle.” Some days he would show up in class wearing, if memory serves, an old high school letterman’s sweater, maroon, I think. A moth or two may have eaten a hole in that sweater.

Mr. Castle would frequently make a sotto voce comment a few of us felt privileged to hear. Sometimes these asides would mention “Stillwater High” and perhaps a muffled attempt at a high school alma mater.

I wanted to send these few words to honor Bradley Castle. I am now 65 years old, a practicing lawyer who has never forgotten the influence of a great teacher 50 years ago. Mr. Castle died in Stillwater in 2007. I never told him what a great teacher he was; of his positive influence; that I became a trial lawyer in part because of him.
Don’t wait too long, like I did, to let your great teacher know.

Dan Arnold
Richland, Wash.