Do not be tempted by evildoers

“Do not be provoked by evildoers; do not envy those who do wrong. Like grass they wither quickly; like green plants they wilt away.” Psalms 37:1-2.


As a new school year begins in less than two weeks, we need to remind our children to be true to their values as they head back to the classroom. It can be tempting for young people to respond to a negative influence because it might seem appealing and fun. But young people don’t always think through the consequences of their decisions. Now is the time to remind them of the values you and your family espouse, and to help them remember to turn away when they face temptation.
For today’s young people of, there is an expectation to fit in with the popular crowd. And now that we have social media influencing them from many different angles, it can be difficult to resist. By reminding them of your values, they can bring them to mind when they feel they are being forced to do something they don’t believe is right. As Thomas Likona states, “Children need to hear their parent’s voice in their heads at the moment of decision.” Essentially, he strongly suggests that parents talk with their kids.
Take time this week to have a discussion with your kids about the values you advocate as a family. Even at this very busy time, don’t forget to give your children a life lesson along with their new backpack and fresh set of school supplies. Help them start the new year with confidence that they can do whatever they need to do to remain consistent with what you value as a family.

Kate Walsh Soucheray is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Stillwater. She works at Christian Heart Counseling at 275 Third St. South and can be reached at [email protected] or
651-439-2059 extension 718.