Foreign guest hangs out at home

Stillwater family finds large snake on backyard deck

An exotic snake, either a boa constrictor or python, hangs off the deck at the home of Paul and Camille Kiolbasa Wednesday morning. The reptile was later removed by a Minnneapolis woman who handles snake calls for the DNR. (Photo courtesy of Camille Kiolbasa)

Paul Kiolbasa thought he was picking up a towel off the deck of the family’s River Heights Drive home early this morning. Then he touched what turned out to be a seven-foot snake.

“I just about tripped over him,” Kiolbasa said. “I turned on the porch light and saw him.”

“He was on the upper deck,” added Camille Kiolbasa.

Two Stillwater Police officers called to the Kiolbasa residence said they believe the reptile, either a boa constrictor or a python, is someone’s pet that escaped and found its way to the Kiolbasa home.

“I believe it to be somebody’s pet, said SPD Community Service Officer D. Pasket. “I think it’s very skinny for being that long. I would expect it to be a little more active.”

The officers contacted the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources regarding the snake. The DNR referred them to a Minneapolis woman, Sarah Richard, who handles exotic snake calls to the agency. Richard confirmed the snake was probably a pet that escaped and removed it from the Kiolbasa’s yard.

Paul Kiolbasa said the family sees many animals in their back yard, which overlooks a wooded hill and the St. Croix River.

“We see foxes, raccoons and possums all the time,” he said, “But this threw us for a loop.”

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