Eco-friendly summer camp

080813_campinvention1Left, Camp Invention participant Max Nealy, center, demonstrates how his trebuchet built to launch ducks in Launchitude works for a reporter as a friend and camp invention counselor look on. Kelsey Anderson, left, Luci Miller and camp invention counselor Tayllon Miller, photo below, disassemble electronic devices for parts for their launchitude project. For the last week, students have participated in this summer’s Camp Invention at Andersen Elementary in Bayport. Although this year’s camp was smaller than past camps, according to organizer Becky Mazzara, it has taught kids to think about ecological challenges throughout the world. This year’s classes included Cache Dash, launchitude, ecoverse, and Action Atlas Games. In cache dash, students participate in geocaching to unlock clues about their next project that includes the problem of over-population and a shortage of land in Sin080813_campinvention2gapore. In ecoverse, students learn about a variety of elements including stars, water and tectonic plates. Action Atlas Games teaches kids how to work as a team to solve problems. Launchitude is based on the premise that the group is creating a launching device to send rubber ducks back to their home country. (Gazette staff photos by Avery Cropp)

  • AlexanderTheGreat

    Max Nealy– That’s me in that photo!