Yoga gets personalized

Green Lotus Yoga finds third new home in Valley

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center clients perform a yoga exercise during a recent session. Green Lotus founder Marcia Appel recently opened a third center in Oak Park Heights.. (Photo courtesy of Green Lotus & Healing Center)

OAK PARK HEIGHTS — A new yoga studio with an emphasis on personalization is ready to launch.

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center wants to serve the St. Croix Valley with a variety of exercise classes, massage and holistic western treatments and modalities that encourage healing.

The Oak Park Heights location is the third Green Lotus studio that founder Marcia Appel has opened. She had not considered coming to the St. Croix Valley at first until her banker brought a proposal.

“We really weren’t looking to do this. We were happily busy with our two other locations. But our banker who works with Troy and Jen Louis from UMA (Ultimate Martial Arts) had a space next to them that they are leasing and wanted to fill with a permanent, long-term tenant that was compatible with what they did.” Appel said. “At Green Lotus, we really value partnerships, and now we’re happily busy with three.”
Appel said she had spent time in Stillwater earlier in her life and was always drawn to the city’s energy.

“It’s just such a beautiful area, and so alive. It’s an area that’s rich in health, life and energy.” Appel said.

She feels that the new studio will fit nicely and stand out because of it’s emphasis on personalization and various facets of service they offer customers.

“It really struck me when I was talking to someone who was interested in starting up a studio. I asked her if she practiced yoga and she told me ‘Yeah, I go to a yoga factory. I want a place that can fit my individualized needs.’” Appel said.

And that is what Green Lotus wants to do.

“I’ve been teaching yoga in the fitness world and I felt that coming to work here was more true to my yoga route, embracing yoga as a healing art, following the traditions of the yogis and also helping people get physically active.” said Oak Park Heights Green Lotus manager Tracy Hovde.

Hovde said there are lots of different yoga options including restorative and gentle yoga to high power and high fusion and vinyasa yoga. The center also offers Zumba and Barre classes, has two healing rooms offering shiatsu massage, acupuncture and Reiki as well as other options.

“There are lots of different options for students from drop-in classes to buying class packages and there are options to purchase unlimited monthly classes. The first week for all-new students is free,” Hovde said.

She added that single drop-in classes costs $16 while the monthly unlimited package is $109 and includes a 60-minute healing service and 20 percent off of retail items. Massages and treatments can also be purchased individually and cost depends on the massage type clients choose.

“We’re welcoming to experienced yogis as well as beginners and our teachers do a great job of working with different body types and experience levels,” Hovde said.
Appel said that she hopes this new location becomes a community gathering place like her two other studios in Lakeville and Mendota Heights.

“What motivates us (to expand) are the loyalty and stories of students, clients and teachers. It’s why we do what we do and that’s our motivation.”