Court Report (4/19/13)

Man convicted of domestic assault against son

A Lake Elmo man was placed on three years probation after his conviction on a domestic assault charge in connection with an August incident involving his son.

The man, identified in court documents as Norman Leroy Cook, was convicted of strangling his juvenile son. The incident occured after the boy told his mother he hadn’t received proper medical care for an injury. Cook became angry and placed his hands around his son’s neck and pushed the boy into his chair. Although court documents state that the son did not lose conciousness he had difficulty breathing.

After the argument ended, the boy went to his room, waited and called police. Cook’s girlfriend at the time corroborated the boy’s story, saying she had seen Cook with his hands around his son’s neck. Documents also state that cook admitted that he had put his hands around his son’s neck.

Cook must serve 30 days in jail with credit for four already served, pay a $50 fine, may not contact his son and take a psychological exam.

Accused groper retains legal counsel

Reuben Ramcharit, the man accused of groping a woman in the parking lot of Cub Foods last week dismissed his public defender and retained private legal counsel at his initial court appearance on Wednesday. An omnibus hearing is set for May 2.

Man convicted of two drug charges

A 21-year-old man was recently convicted in 10th Judicial District Court in connection with two separate drug-related cases.

The man, identified in court documents as Derek Kenneth Carlson was convicted of two counts of fifth-degree drug possession in incidents that took place in Oak Park Heights.

The most recent incident occurred in the 14800 block of 58th Street when reports of narcotic-related traffic came in. Court documents said an officer observed a vehicle being driven by Carlson and was aware that Carlson’s driving privleges were revoked.

During a traffic stop, the officer observed a man throw a white object out his driver’s side door. Documents state that it was shown that Carlson didn’t have a valid drivers license and his passenger had two outstanding arrest warrants. Carlson also admitted to the officer that drug paraphenalia discovered in his car was his. The plastic bag recovered from the street matched the plastic bag recovered in the vehicle and preliminary tests confirmed that a substance found on the baggie was methamphetamine.

The earlier incident occurred on Sept. 3 when officers on routine patrol observed Carlson attempting to evade them. A short time later, officers found and chased Carlson. During the chase, Carlson threw a plastic bag which was later discovered to contain an opiate. A search of Carlson revealed another bag with pills. Carlson admitted he didn’t have a prescription and got the pills from someone in Wisconsin.
Carlson was given  90 days in jail with credit for 17 days served on both counts.

Court documents state he has pled guilty to a felony drug charge in Washington County in the past and is pending sentencing on that file. He also failed to cooperate with the present investigation and has had a history of failure to appear for court and violations of conditional release.

Woman faces DWI, drug charges

An Oakdale woman, identified in court documents as Jennifer Lynn Hagelberg, faces charges of fifth-degree drug possession and operating a motor vehicle with a blood concentration of .08 after two hours, in connection with a Dec. 16 Stillwater incident.

Court documents state that Hagelberg’s car was pulled over after an officer noticed she had failed to use her turn signal. The car, according to court documents, was similar to one that the officer had contact with 20 minutes before this incident took place.

Hagelberg appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and told the officer she wasn’t driving anywhere and was waiting for a friend. Court documents state when the officer stopped Hagelberg, he allegedly detected a strong smell of alcohol and observed slurred speech and watery eyes.

Hagelberg failed field sobriety tests and a search of her purse the officer allegedly found five blue ampehtamine pills in a bag, without a prescription. A urine sample revealed an alcohol concentration of .18.