Disruptive hotel customer arrested on weapons charges

A Wisconsin man’s disruptive behavior at a Stillwater hotel Saturday resulted in his arrest on a weapons-related charge.

A Stillwater Police Department report said James Meyer of St. Croix Falls, Wis., became upset after being told to leave the hotel he was staying at by hotel staff. Officers were told Meyer had paid through Saturday to stay at the hotel but had thought he paid for a longer period. Meyer was asked to leave when he argued with hotel staff, the report said.

According to reports officers were aware that Meyer sometimes behaved erratically due to an injury and was known to carry firearms, the report said.

Officer searched Meyer and found a switchblade knife on him and two uncased guns in Meyer’s vehicle. Meyer told officers he was going to a gun show and had more weapons in his vehicle’s trunk.

Reports said Meyer told officers he had a valid permit to carry guns and would show it to them after he was done being searched. However, officers discovered Meyer’s permit was valid only in Wisconsin. Meyer said he believed the Minnesota and Wisconsin had gun-permit reciprocity but reports said officers learned from attorneys that there is no gun permit reciprocity between the states.

Meyer was arrested for disorderly conduct, uncased guns, no permit and possession of a switchblade. A larg amount of cash were also discovered in his car, along with another eight firearms in addition to the two previously found.

A friend staying with Meyer at the hotel told officers she was unaware that Meyer had guns in his vehicle, but took possession of his property until he was released.

Woman arrested on several charges

Stillwater police responded to a call of damage to property that led to the arrest of a woman who is now under judicial review for charges of reckless driving, disorderly conduct, and gross misdemeanor obstruction of justice with force.

Police reports said Susan Sabelko allegedly struck a car and nearly struck one of vehicle’s occupants standing outside the car when the woman was getting items from the back seat.

As officers spoke with the vehicle occupants, Sabelko got out of her car and started yelling at the officer, according to reports. Sabelko ignored repeated warnings by the officer to get back in her car and was eventually handcuffed by officers and placed in her vehicle.

As an officer escorted Sabelko to her car, the report said she tried to kick the officer and yelled obscenities. Sabelko continued yelling, banged her head on the rear screen of the squad car and kicked at a window as officers continued talking with the complainants. Another officer was called to assist in subduing Sabelko. Sabelko was booked at the Washington County jail without incident.

Reports said Sabelko told officers that she needed to park in the handicapped parking spot near the car she hit. Sabelko claims she lost control of the vehicle and that’s what caused her to hit the car.

Man’s death remains under investigation

NEWPORT — A 32-year-old man was found dead of an apparent drug overdose Saturday in a Newport apartment and a 42-year-old woman was arrested and later released in connection with the incident.

Newport Police Chief Curt Montgomery said officers found Denis Kipeliam Parmuet unconscious about 1:40 a.m. Saturday in an apartment unit in the 1600 block of 10th Avenue. Parmuat was transported to Regions Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Montgomery said a preliminary investigation indicates Parmuat apparently died of a methdone overdose.

A woman living with Montgomery, Jennifer Marie Johnson, was taken into custody and was released pending further investigation, Montgomery said.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office Coordinated Narcotics Task Force and Investigation Division assisted Newport Police with search warrants and scene processing.