Love. Grow. Serve.

New church aims for all three

Jane and Pastor Jarvis Glanzer pose with their children. The family heads up the new church in town.
Jane and Pastor Jarvis Glanzer pose with their children. The family heads up the new church in town.

A new church with love, growth and service as it’s core values has taken up worship at Stillwater Junior High School on Sundays.

Watermark Church launched March 3 as one of the newest churches in town. Jarvis Glanzer is lead pastor of Watermark Church, a soon-to-be transplant to the St. Croix Valley area who always knew the ministry was his calling.

He and his wife of 10 years, Jane, knew they had wanted to plant a church their entire married lives.

“We were at Emmanuel Christian Center for awhile, then we felt God was calling us to Brainerd,” Glanzer said. “I was the youth minister there, and about two years ago we felt God was stirring in us again to start the next chapter of our ministry. When we drove through the Stillwater area with our kids early in the spring of 2012, we knew it could be our home.”

After talking with other church planters around Minnesota, the Glanzers created a team and searched for a location for the new church. After the worship team’s first meeting, membership doubled. According to Glanzer, worship team members are from a variety of different Christian religions. and their parent church from Sartell, Minn., has been very supportive throughout the endeavor. The church itself is under the Assemblies of God denomination.

“We didn’t want to beg people to join us. We simply asked people if they’d like to be part of our new church and we discovered that it wasn’t just a calling for us but a calling of our action team.” Glanzer said.

Though the church is beginning, Glanzer said he’s hopeful for the future.

“Granted this week’s numbers weren’t as impressive as last week, but a lot of that is because of the out-of-towners that came to support us on launch day. We had 60 people there this week, but that’s 60 people in the community that can help us grow.” Glanzer said.

Growth and sharing the love of God is what is important to Glanzer going forward.

“We want to add value to the community,” he said. “We want people to love, grow and serve together, not just as individuals. I want to help people love the Lord, love people and grow as families. Spiritually growing from a single seed. In order to get that seed to grow and be stretched we want to do that by serving.”

Glanzer said they’re planning to do that by setting up missions in Stillwater and serving local food shelves and schools as well. Glanzer said the church is considering joining Convoy of Hope, organizing a mission in El Salvador and another in Sweden.

“Our mission is to do missions in the community. Missions here in Stillwater, missions there, in Minnesota, and everywhere, in the world.” Glanzer said. “We really want to add value to what other churches are doing already. We want to partner with them, organizations, and non-profits in the area to come alongside and help support them and continue to keep reaching people.”

In five years Glanzer hopes Watermark is integrated into the community and improving people’s relationship with God. He also hopes Watermark will be a place people can go when they need help, seek it, be themselves and be loved.

When asked what people should expect from the church now Glanzer said: “People should expect a real community and real relationships that seek the precense of God. It’s a safe, fun, place for kids and a very welcoming community where the services apply to your life.”

He added “We just want us to be real and be what God wants us to be. We want to empower people to become what God’s called them to be and help people find their calling.”