Nursing home victim of harassing calls

A local nursing home fell victim to a string of sexually harrassing phone calls that have occurred recently at other nursing homes across the country. The Good Samaritan Center received these harrassing phone calls Saturday, according to a Stillwater Police Department report.

Officers were told that a staff member answered the call from a person described as an older man who told the staff member that he had kidnapped an elderly female patient and was sexually assaulting the woman.

Officers learned that other Good Samaritan Centers in the U.S. have recieved the calls believed to have been made by the same unidentified suspect. Investigators have traced the calls made by a prepaid cell phone to the Seattle area.

Officers advised Good Samaritan employees to hang up on the caller or advise the caller that the call is being traced.

Assault occurs after shoulder bump

A New Richmond, Wis., man was assaulted early Saturday morning following a sidewalk altercation outside a downtown Stillwater nightspot.

A Stillwater Police report said the victim told officers he and his friends were walking along Water Street when another group of men walked past and one man purposely bumped into the victim. The victim told officers he confronted the man and was punched by another man in the group. The victim suffered a loose tooth from the assault.

The victim said he did not know anyone in the second group and did not have any altercations earlier in the night. Officers searched for the suspects without success at two nightspots, Witnesses told officers the incident took place in front of Rafters on Water Street.

Older teens break 13-year-old’s fishing rod

A 13-year-old boy and his father reported that another group of teenagers broke the boy’s fishing rod when he was walking to his house Sunday evening. The victim told Stillwater Police officers he was walking in the Lucky’s Gas Station parking lot after fishing with a friend when he was surrounded by six male high school-age students. One of the older teens grabbed the victim’s rod and swung it towards the ground, breaking the rod. The older boys did not hurt the victim, and damage to the rod was estimated at $120.

The victim told officers the group got in their vehicle and drove off. The victim said he had not seen the older teens before, but he gave officers a description of the vehicle and noted that one of the older boys was wearing a red letter jacket with an “S” on the front and the word “senior.”

An incident report said officers believe the group of teens were from Somerset, Wis. The case is under investigation.