Local blogger Karl Bremer dies


Local writer, music lover and “Ripple in Stillwater” blogger Karl Bremer passed away Tuesday afternoon at his Stillwater Township home after battling pancreatic cancer for a little over the year. He was 60.
Bremer is remembered by his friends as someone who loved life, his wife, music and was passionate about what he believed in. He’s also remembered by his wife, Chris Bremer, as a good man who was larger than life and an incredible writer.
A 1971 graduate of Stillwater High School, Bremer was drafted in 1972 and served in the U.S. Army’s 759th Miliatry Police until 1974. He graduated from Bemidji State University in 1978 with a degree in communication media. It was at BSU where he met his wife, Chris.
“I just saw him across the campus center and it was love at first sight.” she said.
Chris added that the toughest part of Karl Bremer’s cancer fight in the last 13 months was that with all the chemicals in his body, Karl Bremer wasn’t able to write.
“We lost a whole year of his precious words,” she said. “It was very tough for him.”
A reporter, editor and photographer for many publications, Karl Bremer won awards for best use of public records and was known as a muckraker and co-author of the book “The Madness of Michele Bachmann: A Broad-Minded Survey of a Small-Minded Candidate.”
“Though a lot of people have talked about his coverage of Michele Bachmann — despite the animosity that you could say existed between them — one of Bachmann’s people, someone who had left the campaign, heard that he was deathly ill and offered to help him out. Nothing came of it, but they said were very appreciative of the level of integrity he brought to the campaign.” said long-time friend Mark Starnes.
Although Karl Bremer’s words were important another long-time friend, John Macintosh, a member of the Krewe DADs — a non-profit music-centered organization founded in part by Bremer — said Bremer’s love of music, travel and ability to connect with people is what defined Bremer for him. The group has existed for almost 30 years and is known to have brought touring artists to the Twin Cities area.
“He was a Grateful Dead fan right from the start and he created the Krewe DADs and deepened it into a wonderful group of folks, hanging out together, and keeping them together,” Macintosh said. “He had them stay together and created an extended family. He’s one of the granddads and that’s what really stands out about Karl to me.”
Chris Bremer said the group gave Bremer a t-shirt that said “King of the Krewe DADs” during the course of his fight against cancer.
Todd Baker, a Krewe DADs member, said Bremer’s zest for life, love of music and open mind gained him many friends from the Twin Cities area and throughout the country as well. Baker added that his inclusion in the Krewe DADs really changed his life as well.
“Karl impacted a lot of lives, he ‘collected’ and attracted people, he could talk to just about anyone, and he loved being around those he loved.” Chris Bremer said.
“He was great at bringing different people together,” Macintosh added. “He was a cool package deal, and he was always true to himself and who he was. He lived life to the fullest and died gracefully as well. I’ll miss him.”
Funeral arrangements for Karl Bremer are pending with Simonet Funeral Home of Stillwater.