Fabio signs new book at store


Stillwater writer and photographer David Fabio has published his seventh novel, the mystery “Water Pressure,” and will sign copies of his books from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday at Valley Bookseller in downtown Stillwater.
Fabio’s novel is set a few years into the future using several current topics to set the story’s background. The plot involves the state’s struggles to eliminate Asian carp from the Mississippi River, but the effort ends up poisoning all the native fish. While the public is still concerned about their rivers, the state has another water plan in the works. To prevent a water shortage, an international conference is scheduled to finalize a plan to pipe drinking water from Lake Superior to the state’s largest cities.
About the time you think you have the story solved, there is another twist, leaving you wondering how everything is all connected.
“Water Pressure” is available at the Valley Bookseller as well as on-line in paperback or e-book format from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and The Kindle Store. Fabio’s other mystery novels include: “Search and Seizure,” “Mystery of the Apostle Islands” and “Bayfield’s Secret Notebook,” and novels for youth: “Tales of a River’s Bend,” “The Hidden Passage” and “The Second Summer.”
Fabio also co-writes the weekly “Lake Life” column for the Stillwater Gazette. Visit www.davidfabio.com for more about the author and his books.