Court Report, 1/16/13

Tenant faces theft charges: Woman allegedly steals, pawns her landlords wedding ring sets.

A woman faces charges after she allegedly stole and pawned her Stillwater landlord’s wedding rings.
The woman, identified in court documents as Naomi Brown, rented a portion of her landlord’s basement for two months when the homeowners reported in late May that items had been allegedly disappearing for a couple of months from their home.
According to court documents, one specific missing items that caught the landlord’s attention was a set of wedding and engagement rings valued at almost $6,000. Court documents added that the landlord was concerned Brown had allegedly pawned the missing items since Brown had pawned other things in the past.
Court documents said a Stillwater Police Department investigator searched for the missing rings in the auto-pawn system and located both ring sets at Max it Pawn in Fridley.
The investigator recovered the ring sets and court documents said the store provided the original receipt that allegedly shows the shop paid Brown $424 for the ring set. The receipt also shows Brown presented her Wisconsin driver’s license and gave the address of her landlord’s home as her residence. The receipt was allegedly signed by Brown. The property was then returned to the landlord.

Brass thief sentenced
A Northfield, Minn., man must pay thousands of dollars after being sentenced for felony theft in a string of brass and bronze fittings thefts at Washington County Menard’s stores including the Oak Park Heights outlet.
The man, identified in court documents as Brett Bamonte, was found guilty of stealing the fittings from Menards stores in Oak Park Heights, Cottage Grove and Oakdale.
Court documents said the stores reported the thefts to police from the end of November 2011 to mid-December 2011. Court documents indicate that Bamonte managed to steal a total of more than $3,600 worth of items from the stores.
Court documents said staff at the Menard’s stores discovered a large number of stolen brass fittings after doing inventories. Each of the stores focused surveillance cameras on the brass fittings sections and caught Bamonte on tape multiple times at each store in the process of stealing the fittings.
Court documents said the surveillance videos showed Bamonte stealing brass fittings by shoving them into his coat and walking out of the stores. He returned several times to the brass fittings aisle at each of the stores, sometimes within minutes of each other, and only appeared to stop when his jacket got too heavy.
The stolen property was never recovered. Bamonte must serve 365 days in jail with 357 stayed for two years.

Prescription forger sentenced
A Wisconsin man was placed on probation after forging a prescription for oxycodone in a Dec. 2010 incident at an Oak Park Heights pharmacy.
The man, identified in court documents as Joseph Bryan, brought a prescription to the Oak Park Heights Walgreens on Osgood Avenue. According to court documents, the prescription was for 150 30-mg tablets of oxycodone and allegedly written by a Dr. Feigal in Menomonie, Wis.
Court documents said the pharmacist was alerted by her computer that the prescription might be a forgery and she told Bryan she would have to call and confirm the prescription. Upon calling the doctor, the pharmacist was told that there was a group from western Wisconsin who were forging prescriptions in his name. An earlier incident had occurred in Oakdale.
Further investigation learned that Bryan and his girlfriend were arrested in Wisconsin Dells, Wis., for attempted prescription forgery, according to court documents. Bryan was also identified as the person arrested in the Oakdale incident although he denied involvement at the Oak Park Heights incident. Court documents state that Bryan was shown to drive a white mini van, and attempted to get 150 30-mg tablets of oxycodone at each incident. Bryan was also positively identified by a lab technician at the pharmacy,

Stake-out leads to sentence
A Stillwater man was placed on probation for 10 years after he was caught with 4.5 grams of methamphetamine.
Stillwater police were conducting surveillance on a residence on the 500 block of Churchill Street after neighbors reported they thought tdrugs were being sold out of the home.
After officers observed what they believed to be a drug handoff, they followed the car and its three occupants and pulled it over. Court documents state that when the officers asked the man, identified as Travis Burns, to get out of the vehicle, they saw in plain view on the driver’s seat several small plastic baggies with Batman and Superman emblems on them that field-tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed 4.5 grams. Other drug paraphenalia was also found in the car.
Court documents state that after being read his Miranda rights, Burns admitted to purchasing the drugs from Jeremy Scott, the neighbor who lived in Churchill Street home. Court documents state that Burns said he was supposed to deliver the meth to locations in St. Paul and Bloomington, then bring $500 and Percoset to “the bank” on the east side of St. Paul. He also admitted that he made the deliveries in the past.
A search of Scott’s home revealed other baggies with the emblems as well as other drug paraphernalia.