Bachmann sworn in for her fourth term

Lawmaker announces committee assignments, offices for new term

Photo courtesy of Rep. Michele BachmannSpeaker of the House John Boehner joins Sixth District Rep. Michele Bachmann and her staff Thursday to mark Bachmann being sworn in for a fourth term in Congress.
Photo courtesy of Rep. Michele Bachmann
Speaker of the House John Boehner joins Sixth District Rep. Michele Bachmann and her staff Thursday to mark Bachmann being sworn in for a fourth term in Congress.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sixth District U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann was formally sworn in Thursday for her fourth term in Congress.

“It is a true honor to represent the citizens of Central Minnesota in the United States Congress,” she said. “In the 113th Congress we must redouble our efforts to create jobs and better paying jobs too. It’s time to come together to find solutions to address America’s chronically high unemployment and unsustainable debt crisis. I am working hard everyday to make life more affordable for Minnesota families and that will remain my priority in the new Congress.”

Bachmann also announced her committee assignments in the 113th Congress, a new district office location and a new chief of staff.

Bachmann said she will continue to serve on the House Financial Services Committee and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the new Congress.

“I am honored to move forward with the important work of the Financial Services Committee and the Intelligence Committee as we put in place policies to create more jobs, to enhance economic growth, and to ensure the safety and security of the American people,” she said.

Due to redistricting and to save taxpayer dollars, Bachmann’s Sixth District office will be located in Anoka at 2850 Cutters Grove Ave. Suite 205. She added that her district staff would hold St. Cloud area office hours throughout the year.

Robert Boland was promoted to Bachmann’s chief of staff. Boland was Bachmann’s legislative director for two years and has nearly nine years of experience on Capitol Hill. He replaces Brooke Eastburn, who recently got married and moved back to Minnesota with her husband.

“Robert has been a trusted advisor for two years, and he will make a wonderful chief of staff leading our team to serve the people of the Sixth District. Brooke will be greatly missed, and I wish her the best in the next exciting stage of her life and want to extend my heartfelt thanks for her outstanding leadership over the past two and a half years,” Bachmann said.

Using constituent feedback, Bachmann redesigned and streamlined her website,, for the 113th Congress. The new website is a place for constituents to learn more about how she voted, read about legislation she is working on, request flags, schedule tours or meetings, send her an email or seek help with casework.

  • Tim C.

    Tell me, Michele, which jobs have you created during your time as a representative of your district?

    You keep putting claims in that you’ve done ‘so much good’ for us, yet you have not.

    You’re simply a joke. A very expensive joke.

  • Artie Schaefer

    Why put this article in the Gazette? Bachmann is no longer representing the St. Croix Valley/Washington County. An article about our Congresswoman McComber would be the appropriate one.

  • Samuel Joseph Lonewolf

    Mrs. Bachman, Rep. (R) Minnesota; Your own people have caught You in lies and You are
    sponsoring a bill on Obamacare ( which has been voted on 30 times I believe and has failed
    continuously ) and You bark about the deficit and blame it on the Democrats; so here You go again wasting more money on something that even U.S. Supreme Court has stood by Obamacare in their decision . So answer this question, how is it the Democrat fault on wasting
    the people’s money? I will ask this of You, as a challenge, give up all the medical benefits that
    they give you as a congresswoman. And then lets see if You could afford the cost of Doctor or hospital visit. I say this, because I am Type II Diabetic with Neurathpy and I can’t even afford the cost of any medical insurance; and the State of Texas wants me to pay into a medical insurance for two ( 2 ) years, before I can use it. And as a Congresswoman, you have not done diddlysqaut for Minnesota except attach porkbelly onto other bills. So I challenge You to give up all you medical benefits that we the people pay for. And let see if and when any of your immediate family ( husband, and children ) get sick, and lets sick if You can afford to pay the cost. So quit living off of the American People.

  • Sue.

    And so Tim what have the Dems done except put us in unheard of debt. Did your payroll tax go up like everyone elses!