Teach me wisdom

“Still you insist on sincerity of heart; in my inmost being teach me wisdom.” Psalms 51:8.



How often do we acknowledge that we need God and His wisdom to help us manage and navigate the difficulties, the ups and downs, of our lives?

In our world today, it seems that to be an individual, with self-determination, is the primary approach to the issues we face. What could a God offer us anyway, we might think? And how will we ever hear Him speak to us about His wisdom? We may feel alone and unguided and not know where to turn.

Our relationship with God begins with our desire and willingness to turn our lives and our will over to Him and allow His understanding and His way of seeing things to become our way of seeing things. We will often come to a better understanding of His will through a conversation with someone in our lives today, such as a parent, good friend, perhaps a teacher, a counselor or even a stranger. If we take time to listen to the words and sentiments these people have to share with us, and then think about the perspective they convey, we will frequently come to a better understanding of the situation we face.

Is there someone you could reach out to today who will help you see things from another viewpoint? Would you be open and receptive to the wisdom they have to share? If so, seek out someone with whom you can share your problems and difficulties, trust that they have your best interests in mind and allow them to impart their understanding and knowledge with you.


Kate Walsh Soucheray is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Stillwater. She works at Christian Heart Counseling at 275 Third St. South and can be reached at [email protected] or 651-439-2059 ext. 718.