Boys swimming and diving: Ponies win SEC Relays

Gazette photo by Scott Ertle
Brady Anderson swims the butterfly leg for Stillwater’s fourth-place 400 medley relay team in Thursday’s season-opening Suburban East Conference Relays at Stillwater Junior High School.

Three first-place finishes helped carry the Stillwater boys’ swimming and diving team to a victory at Thursday’s season-opening Suburban East Conference Relays at Stillwater Junior High School.

“We won, so that went good,” Ponies coach Brian Luke said of the opener.

The Ponies totaled 120 pounds to outlast runner-up Mounds View (112) and the rest of the 10-team field. East Ridge (98) and Hastings (88) followed in third and fourth, but each were in the running for the top spot until some disqualifications hurt their chances.

East Ridge had its apparent first-place team in the breastroke relay disqualified and Hastings had two relay teams disqualified. Mounds View joined the Ponies with three first-place finishes while Hastings won two events.

Without the DQ, East Ridge would have tied the Ponies for the top spot.

“Looking at that, it should be a four-team race for the conference,” Luke said. “You can kind of get a feel for where people have strength. We were solid, but not flashy. We never got a bad spot and we were always kind of up there, even with a lot of younger kids for us.”

Stillwater’s Riley Hollerbach swims the breastroke leg on the fourth-place 400 medley relay team.

Stillwater easily won the diving with Liam Gibb, Colin Eason and Anthony Shanley combining for a score of 178.30 and the other victories came in two of the last three events, the 200 backstroke relay and the 200 breastroke relay.

Marcus Green, Alex Percival, Max Larson and Brady Anderson — three sophomores and a junior — prevailed in the backstroke with a time 1:45.49, which was just .35 off the meet record.

Isaac Swanlund, Lucas Magilke, Pat Witzmann and Riley Hollerbach won the breastroke event with a time of 2:06.70.

The Ponies added second-place finishes in the 200 freestyle relay (1:34.92) and the 200 butterfly relay (1:45.35) and closed out the meet with a third-place finish in the 400 freestyle relay (3:27.06).


Team standings

1. Stillwater 120; 2. Mounds View 112; 3. East Ridge 98; 4. Hastings 88; 5. Woodbury 68; 6. Forest Lake 56; 7. Park 42; 8. Cretin-Derham Hall 36; 9. Roseville 24; 10. White Bear Lake 22.


Individual results

400 medley relay — 1. East Ridge, 3:44.27; 4. Stillwater A (Marcus Green, Riley Hollerbach, Brady Anderson and Tom Windett) 3:51.42; 9. Stillwater B (Tucker Naugle, John Gribble, Charlie Wyffels and Allen Burback) 4:13.75.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Mounds View, 1:34.47; 2. Stillwater A (Marcus Green, Isaac Swanlund, Alex Burback and Tom Windett) 1:34.92; 12. Stillwater B (Lucas Magilke, Andreas Fenner, Spencer Roll and Liam Casement) 1:49.34.

400 individual medley relay — 1. Hastings, 4:01.11; 4. Stillwater A (Riley Hollerbach, Sam Larson, Dominic Jankowski and Max Larson) 4:05.28; 6. Stillwater B (Brennan Rosell, Isaac Swanlund, Jesse Busse and Drew Hammerlund) 4:17.00.

Diving — 1. Stillwater (Liam Gibb, Colin Eason and Anthony Shanley) 178.30.

200 butterfly relay — 1. Hastings, 1:43.26; 2. Stillwater A (Max Larson, Sam Larson, Sam Payne and Alex Percival) 1:45.35; 10. Stillwater B (Charlie Wyffels, Tucker Naugle, John Gribble and Connor Lenander-Tholo) 1:56.78.

850 crescendo relay — 1. Mounds View, 7:57.66; 6. Stillwater A (Alex Burback, Allen Burback, Sam Payne and Dominic Jankowski) 8:31.82; 8. Stillwater B (Zach O’Hara, Andreas Fenner, Jesse Busse and Brennan Rosell) 8:50.88.

200 backstroke relay — 1. Stillwater A (Marcus Green, Alex Percival, Max Larson and Brady Anderson) 1:45.49; 5. Stillwater B (Anders Maxwell, Dominic Theis, Joe Rice and Trey Weisbrod) 2:02.22.

200 breastroke relay — 1. Stillwater A (Isaac Swanlund, Lucas Magilke, Pat Witzmann and Riley Hollerbach) 2:06.70; 8. Stillwater B (Austin Sovell, Scott O’Brien, Gunnar Johnson and Kyle Johnson) 2:26.87.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Mounds View, 3:21.93; 3. Stillwater A (Tom Windett, Dominic Jankowski, Alex Burback and Brady Anderson) 3:27.06; 15. Stillwater B (Tanner Call, Trey Weisbrod, Nathan Schlegel and Ben Schlegel) 4:12.95.