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Stillwater dancers Zoe D’Astolfo, left, and Cosette Falker are part of the cast of the Minnesota Dance Theatre’s performances of Loyce Houlton’s “Nutcracker Fantasy” this month at the Cowles Center in Minneapolis

  • melisa hayslett

    Wow! How beautiful these two girls are. So wonderful to watch the progress they have made as young ballerinas through the years in your paper. Im sure it will be another wonderful production and kick off to get us in the Christmas spirit!

  • Glades Kitchbaum

    I have had the pleasure of attending this event for the past 7 years.
    Having grown up in New York City I was exposed to some of the highest level of ballet in the world.
    My sister’s husband was the director of a ballet company from Moscow which toured the world so I feel I am qualified to
    comment on a ballet performance. I can say that it is exquisite the costumes and pageantry is in line with a professional company from a major city.
    I do not know Miss Zoe but I can say I have watched Miss Cossette Falker progress in this performance. I have not seen this years performance yet
    (I will attend 4 shows this year again as usual) but let me say this, Miss Falker in my opinion has the poise, charm and has grown to master the fine parts of her roles beyond her years. Mark my words we from Stillwater will be reading about this young women’s dancing caterer for years to come.
    Please treat yourself or your family to this wonderful performance.