Lakeview EMS recognized for heart attack study participation

Photo courtesy of Lakeview Hospital
Dr. Ralph Frascone, Regions Hospital EMS, left, Jon Muller, EMS Manager, and Mark Tutila, EMS Education.

Regions Hospital leaders recognized Lakeview Hospital EMS Wednesday for their participation in the IMMEDIATE Trial, a national study looking at the use of glucose-insulin-potassium solution for patients experiencing heart attack-like symptoms.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in March, showed the medication reduced the size of a heart attack and the number of fewer cardiac arrests or deaths compared to placebo.

Under the local medical direction of Dr. Ralph Frascone of Regions Hospital EMS, Cottage Grove Public Safety, Oakdale Fire Department, Lakeview Hospital EMS, Mahtomedi Fire, Maplewood Fire and White Bear Lake Fire paramedics evaluated people who called 911 with heart attack symptoms from May 2010 through July 2011 for enrollment. Paramedics from Lakeview EMS enrolled a total of five patients during the study period.

“Paramedics were a key part of this study that has demonstrated that the severity of heart attacks can be reduced by the early administration of a simple solution of glucose-insulin-potassium,” said Dr. Frascone. “Hundreds of thousands of patients across the nation die from heart attacks each year. Your community was part of an important investigation that yielded promising results for patients locally and across the country.”

Regions Hospital in St.Paul has been recognizing EMS providers from all EMS agencies who participated in the trial.