Pearson’s vague promises have us voting for Johnston

Mike Pearson is running for Lake Elmo mayor. There are some glaring inconsistencies in Pearson’s campaign literature between what he said he accomplished and what he actually did.

Pearson claims to have “pushed no to a $390,000 give away for a government entity development proposal.” If his reference to the government entity is the “Early Childhood Development Center” proposal in Lake Elmo, then the records reveal that on four different times, he actually voted yes.

His campaign literature states that he will make re-affiliation of the Lake Elmo Library a high priority. As the city council representative to the library board, he had an opportunity to prioritize this issue. Instead, Pearson has missed six of the last 14 meetings.

Lake Elmo currently has a mayor who doesn’t make vague campaign promises, but states his objectives and accomplishes them. That is why on Nov. 6, we vote to re-elect Dean Johnston as mayor.


Gary and Tedi Carlson, Milt and Dorothy Klohn, Carol Monette, Rita Conlin

Lake Elmo