Bunn will use concrete facts, evidence to solve problems

I attended the Oct. 5 Boutwells Landing Senate District 39 Candidate Forum and Julie Bunn’s presentation showed why she is the best choice to represent our district. Julie offers knowledge, concrete evidence and facts. While I acknowledge Karin Housley’s liveliness and desire to serve, her generalizations and misrepresented legislative and U.S. economic history were all too evident.

Housley asserted that taxes were raised and regulations increased while Bunn was in the legislature (under former Gov. Tim Pawlenty). This never happened. Moreover, Julie was a leader in arguing for, and authoring legislation, to lower the corporate tax and to streamline regulations. Housley implied that during that same time period a surplus was turned into a deficit due to the legislature’s inept spending. The reality is that revenue coming into the state fell over $6 billion due to the nation’s Great Recession. Housley spoke as if the economic collapse never happened.

In short, Housley needs to heed Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s advice:  “You are entitled to your own opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

We need legislators who use concrete evidence and facts to think clearly and solve the tough problems. We need legislators like Julie Bunn.


Dianne Polasik