ISD 834 enrollment increases

Oct. 1 enrollment in Independent School District 834 schools increased slightly this year, according to district officials.

Ray Queener, assistant superintendent of business and administrative services, said current district enrollment is 8,419 students in grades kindergarten through 12.That number from June enrollment of 8,398 students and a projected enrollment of 8,347 students for the 2013-2013 school year.

“We’re very happy about the numbers for enrollment,” he said. “The enrollment office was very busy in August and we got a lot of new enrollment which will offset the potential decline between seniors and K-students. Obviously we’d like to be growing, but remaining stable or having a slight decline, given the rapid decline we’re seeing in other districts, it’s good news for Stillwater.”

Enrollment on Oct. 1 determines what the district’s state aid. Queener said the district’s current conservative budget was based on a projected Oct. 1 enrollment of 8,310 students and the preliminary budget set in June might have to be adjusted slightly. Cuts might occur on the expenditure side, but the various economic issues at play, such as employee costs and benefits combined together, are still being determined and more will be known in December.