Man on life support after assault

A 29-year-old Stillwater man assaulted outside a local bar early Friday morning remains on life support in very critical condition at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, while another a 22-year old local man is in custody in connection with the incident.

Adam McCloud was found outside the Pirate Bar at Smalley’s Carribean Barbeque by Stillwater Police officers responding to a 9-1-1 cell phone call on an open line, according to SPD spokesman Sgt. Jeff Stender..

Stender said that when officers arrived, McCloud’s friends stated that McCloud was unconscious earlier. However, Stender the victim was conscious while he was being treated and the suspect was no longer at the scene.

The incident involving McCloud happened quickly without anysign of an impending fight such as pushing, or yelling, according to Smalley’s management.

“No one knew what was about to happen,” said Smalley’s manager Joe Ehlenz. “Especially with no precursor, no signs to our staff. We’re usually the first people to break it up, but with this, it was just in and out. There was no warning.”

Ehlenz added that once the incident had occurred, Smalley’s security personnel ran over and did everything they could to protect McCloud.

Stender said once the McCloud was treated at the scene, he was transported to Lakeview Hospital. There, it was determined that McCloud had serious head injuries and was transferred to Regions Hospital.

“Over the course of the weekend it was determined that the victim had major brain and head trauma,” Stender said. “On Monday, we were informed that the victim remained in critical condition and his prognosis remained uncertain.”

Stillwater police arrested the suspect at his home on at 2:30 p.m. Monday, Stender said. The Stillwater man remains in custody in the Washington County Jail. Police are expected to file a complaint before noon today, Stender added.

Ehlenz said the incident involving McCloud is shocking.

“Here in this town, everybody knows everybody. Smalley knows Adam’s cousin and it’s just jaw-dropping. It’s affecting everyone in the community. It’s a horrible, horrible, horrible event and I wish that it hadn’t happened.” Ehlenz said. “We’re all from here and we care about the people that come in here.”

With two incidents in the past three weeks, Ehlenz added that Smalley’s does not tolerate altercations and are working closely with the SPD officers to change security procedures and retrain their security staff as best as they can.

“We’re just deeply saddened by this whole situation and we wish we could’ve done something different to help. We just want to say we’re so sorry to the family and our deepest sympathies are with them at this time of grief.” Ehlenz said.

A McCloud family spokesman, Larry Odebrecht, released a statement from the family.

“This was a senseless act of violence that ruined Adam’s life, the life of the attacker and all other family members on both sides,” he said. “We hope others can learn from this foolish mistake.”