Resident stakes out own garage to catch suspected thief

A Stillwater teenager was referred to Youth Service Bureau after he admitted taking items from a neighbor’s garage.

According to Stillwater Police Department reports, a homeowner on the 1200 block of Driving Park Road told officers items had been stolen recently from his garage including cigarettes and $160 in cash from the man’s wallet, which he admitted he usually leaves in the car.

The man told officers he discovered the theft after finding his garage door open, the report said. The victim added that he suspected a neighbor boy, who is a friend of his son, was involved, the report said.

The victim told officers he waited in his car around 6 a.m. Tuesday anticipating that whoever was stealing from his garage would show up. The garage door opened while he sat in his car and the teenager entered, the report said.

According to the report, the victim said the teen walked up to his car, realized the man was in the vehicle and ran. The report states that the victim chased the teen, who tripped and fell in the driveway, then got up and continued running.

The report said officers went to the teenage’s parent’s house where they saw the youth walking home. Officer spokes with the teen’s parents and the youth agreed to be questioned with his parents present.

The report adds that the teen admitted to stealing the cigarettes, which were found in his backpack, but denied stealing the $160.

After speaking with the victim, the youth’s parents agreed pay him $160 and no charges were filed by the victim.


  • Lu

    Great article but there is some missing information. The little burglar thug from the neighborhood had conned the garage opener code from a little girl and hit that guy’s garage 7 nights in a row. Also, people’s vehicles, garages, homes have been entered multiple times with thousands of dollars in money, electronics, medication, games, etc., stolen over the past year. So according to the article, the 14 year old thief gets away with everything as long as daddy pays one neighbor $160 and replaces his cigarettes. Where’s the justice? How long do you think it will be before the con artist re-offends?

  • Neighbor

    Hey, no mention of the fact the burglar is the “weed dealer” of the neighborhood? And that he always has merchandise for sale at really great prices? “My friend’s dad works for Microsoft and gets all these games for free!” So now people are scared for their safety, and it’s all about feeding this greedy, undiscipled jerk’s vices?

  • Neighbor

    “undisciplined” jerk’s vices Sorry