OPH police tackle two incidents at homecoming game

OAK PARK HEIGHTS – While the Stillwater Ponies were handling Forest Lake on the Pony Stadium football field Friday, Oak Park Heights Police officers tackled a pair of incidents at the homecoming football game.

Oak Park Heights Police Chief Brian DeRosier reported that one incident involved officers removing a highly intoxicated woman from Friday night’s game.

According to an Oak Park Heights Police report, an off-duty officer saw the woman almost fall off the curb near the stadium ticket stands and was told by passersby that the woman was intoxicated.

The woman, in her early 40s was slurring her speech, had poor balance and had urinated on herself and blew over .20 in a preliminary breath-alyzer test, the report said. Officers late found that the woman was carrying a salad dressing jar containing clear alcohol, the report adds.

The alcohol was dumped out and the jar was thrown away and a friend took the woman home from the game, the report said..

DeRosier also said four streakers were at the Friday’s football game. Two of the four streakers were caught during the game, DeRosier added.

One of those caught was partially clothed and no charges were filed, the chief said. The other one apprehended is a juvenile and was cited for indecent exposure, the chief added.

DeRosier said Oak Park Heights Police officers are trying to identify the two streakers who were not caught. Independent School District 834 officials could not be reached for comment.