Changes to Fire Station plans, chickens on city council agenda

After last week’s sticker shock of $8.3 million to construct the new fire station, the Stillwater City Council will present the cost-cutting changes they’ve made to the fire station plans at its 4:30 p.m. workshop Tuesday.

Proposed plan changes include reducing the size of various parts of the station, and eliminating other areas of the building. The design and construction managers will detail the changes and cost-savings at the meeting.

A public hearing on an ordinance allowing residents to keep chickens in the city will be held. The possible approval of the second reading of the ordinance involving the keeping of bees will also take place. Other issues to be discussed at the meeting include an update on the Readex survey about festivals in Stillwater, and a decision about the Army Corps of Engineers riverfront levee project.

The council hosts a 4 p.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Lowell Park pedestrian plaza.