We all need help moving from summer to fall

Kate Walsh Soucheray

Were you ready for school to begin at your house? This week was the start of a new school year for many young people in our city, and for most of them, it was probably tough to get up this week. It’s hard to let go of the summer and all the fun it held as we enter into a new season.

Last evening, we were sitting on our deck enjoying pizza, pop and an ice cream cake with family and friends, relaxing and enjoying our time together, even though we realized it was getting darker earlier than usual. We knew someone had to say it was time to go since school started the next day, but no one wanted to be the bearer of that unpleasant news. That is until my husband asked our married daughter if it wasn’t time for her family to be packing up.

I know the look of disappointment on my face was clearly evident, for our son-in-law, a teacher, responded with surprise when he looked at me after my husband’s question. As a former teacher, I read a look surprise in his face that it wasn’t me asking whether they needed help getting ready to go home.

No matter our station in life, we all need assistance in moving to this next step each year, as the summer wanes and fall rises. Even if you have no one waiting for the yellow school bus at the end of the lane, you, too, are affected. For you know the returning school schedule will affect your life, even if it is to notice that things in your neighborhood are quieter and more orderly again.

Take time this week to help a child returning to school, to ask the parent of a kindergartener how things are going or to drive more slowly near the streets on which the schools are located. Be assured that God is with us, ready to help, for we have chosen to follow his precepts. And may God bless each family in a very special way that has someone returning to school this week.


   Kate Walsh Soucheray is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Stillwater. She works at Christian Heart Counseling at 275 Third Street South and can be reached at [email protected] or 651-439-2059 ext. 718.