Criticism of lawmaker’s car an irrational rant

Mocking someone’s car to try to make a political point is asinine. In an Aug. 15 letter, the writer jeers at a vehicle with the highest 40-mph crash test rating, the National Highway Safety Administration’s highest five-star rating and the first 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty. I’ll gladly take that over any jalopy built by a government/organized-labor partnership.

Together, the government and UAW own almost all of GM and Chrysler. Isn’t it poetic justice that those having so much to do with the failure of the domestic auto industry will end up holding so much of the bag for the mess they created?

These companies are in no better shape now than when they were bailed out (at huge taxpayer expense) to avoid the shock of an industry “failure.” GM cut more than a third of its work force, shut down half its dealerships, and completely eliminated Pontiac and Saturn. How is that different from what the government warned would happen if the companies had gone into Chapter 11?

It’s sad that all we’re seeing from critics of our legislators are irrational rants, blatant lies and personal insults. But it seems that’s the best they can do because they’ve got nothing substantive or honest to say. The more they carry on like this, the more people are turned off by their “message.” It’s only August and everybody I know is already sick of their nonsense.

Kathy Lohmer is our representative for good reason. She has the backbone to fight for fiscal responsibility, limited government and personal freedoms — which cannot be said for previous legislatures or our current governor. She is making incredible progress restoring our economic vitality, family dignity and respect for the constitution. Like most of the residents in her district, I will support Kathy Lohmer to keep us headed in the right direction, no matter what kind of car she drives.


Jim Lambeth, Woodbury