Car full of stolen items leads to man’s arrest

A Maplewood man currently on probation in U.S. District Court saw his troubles grow when he was arrested by Stillwater police officers Sunday on possession of stolen property, misdemeanor shoplifting and possession of shoplifting tools charges.

Police reports identified the suspect as William Edward Miller, adding that Miller also is a suspect in two Lake Elmo gas drive-offs in which he allegedly used stolen Wisconsin license plates.

In their incident report, investigating officers said they found the stolen plates in plain view in the back seat of the vehicle Miller’s was driving. The report adds that officer stopped Miller after they were called by a Famous Footwear store employee, who alleged that Miller shoplifted shoes from the store.

When Miller was arrested, officers found the stolen license plates used in the gas drive off in his car, the report said. A subsequent search of the vehicle found stolen property that included a various power tools, electronics including an Apple keyboard and an IMac monitor with the serial numbers scratched off; a stolen U.S. passport in the name of Justin Daniel Sams, including a birth certificate a social security card and a bar tending license of Sams; an Eviant TV monitor, Cobra Radar detector, clothing with the original brand stickers, Nike shoes, side cutters, Minnesota Vikings football cards and a brown velvet jewelry case with jewelry in it and two Australian currency bills, according to the report.

Officers traced the apparent stolen merchandise to area burglaries and thefts, including Maplewood, Oakdale, and Shoreview. The items are currently being held as evidence until burglary victims can identify their property.

Miller is currently being held pending judicial review in court for charges of the charges against him.