Lohmer flaunts disregard for our tax dollars

Well, now I’ve seen everything. I recently spotted (actually, it was quite hard to miss) Rep. Kathy Lohmer’s newly “wrapped” SUV completely covered with the American flag, part of the U.S. Constitution, and her campaign logo. The irony is that it is a foreign vehicle — a Hyundai. It is the height of hypocrisy for someone to flaunt the U.S. flag and U.S. Constitution on a South Korean vehicle, but this is par for the course for Lohmer.

While professing on her campaign website her support for education (“Being deeply concerned about the future of our children, we must make education improvements a priority”), Lohmer simultaneously voted to cut $48 million from Minnesota schoolchildren on March 30, 2011 (H.F. 934).

While alleging on her 2012 legislative report that “the priorities of the people of the St. Croix River Valley are my priorities as well,” Lohmer instead spent her time authoring 12 controversial constitutional amendments, including protecting gun rights but restricting the rights of individuals to vote and marry. Are these really the priorities of the St. Croix Valley? Wouldn’t Lohmer’s time have been better spent over the past two years working to create jobs for our community?

And while claiming on her 2012 report that she” promises to support fiscal responsibility,” Lohmer’s campaign committee — with help from a $5,429 public subsidy payment in 2010 — spent $2,678 to turn her foreign-made SUV into a garish mobile billboard, thereby literally flaunting her reckless disregard for our tax dollars.

Yes, it takes someone with unmitigated gall to brandish the American flag and U.S. Constitution on a foreign vehicle. It takes Kathy Lohmer.

Lee Salisbury, Stillwater