Snowbirds, students can renew early to keep licenses valid

ST. PAUL — Students leaving for out-of-state colleges and Minnesotans traveling south for the winter should check their driver’s license expiration date before leaving the state and consider early renewal to ensure their license status remains active, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Division of Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS).
Drivers whose licenses expire in 2013 can renew after Sept. 1 and prior to the expiration date without losing a year on the renewal cycle. The new license expires four full years from the expiration date on the license, rather than four years from the renewal date. It is possible to renew before Sept. 1, but the new license, in that case, expires four years from the original renewal date.
Drivers applying for the “Under 21” license can do so before the expiration date, and the application will be processed normally. When drivers apply early for an “Over 21” license, the application is held and processed five days prior to the holder’s 21st birthday.
For out-of-state students and snowbirds, driver’s licenses can be mailed to an optional mailing address provided on the application — one that differs from the Minnesota resident address printed on the card.
Renewing early ensures that a driver’s license displays a current photo and resident address. Early renewal is also available to identification card holders.
To complete an early renewal, visit any driver’s license exam station or an office that accepts driver’s license applications. To find a location near you, visit the DVS website at or call 651-297-2005 and say “Driver’s License” at the prompt. TTY/TDD is 651-282-6555.