Woman convicted in Tubman swindle case

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A Lake Elmo woman was convicted last week of charges she swindled her employer and must pay more than $75,000 in restitution.

Catherine Mary Anton, 44, was sentenced in Washington County 10th Judicial Court Friday for theft by swindle.

Anton was placed on probation for 20 years if she meets several conditions, including serving 45 days of out-of-custody Sentence to Servce, paying Tubman Family Alliance restitution of $2,500 and paying restitution of $73,467 to River Port Insurance Company, completing a cognitive skills intake and paying a $50 fine.

According to the criminal complaint, in December 2010 the Tubman Family Alliance (TFA) discovered suspicious purchases bought with company credit cards going back to 2007. An investigation revealed that an accounts payable specialist had been using the organization’s funds for personal expenses.

The criminal complaint states that Anton spent nearly $10,000 with the company’s US Bank VISA card to pay bills including school lunches, insurance, Comcast and Verizon services.

The complaint also states that Anton used the company’s Home Depot credit card to purchase a mower, storage shed, deck and patio materials, house numbers, firewood, a chimnea wood burner and other home items totaling $6,439.

Other allegations in the complaint state:

n Anton spent more than $1,220 using a Speedway/SuperAmerica credit card to purchase oil changes and fluid and filter replacements for three of her family vehicles.

n Anton spent more than $57,000 using the company’s Sam’s Club credit card for purchases including gas purchases, clothing, gift cards, iTunes gift cards, a trampoline, children’s toys, vehicle tires, diapers, an iPod Touch, a Nikon camera, a Vizio 19" LCD TV and a Gold’s Gym home gym system.

During interviews with the Washington County Sheriff’s deputies in January, Anton said she initially bought several boxes of diapers and cleaning supplies because "times were tough and she was trying to make ends meet."

Man faces charges for threatening with pellet gun

A Lakeland man made his first appearance in Washington County District Court for making terroristic threats with a pellet gun.

According to the complaint, Antony Joe Eling, 19, allegedly was driving his car past Humphries Park and pointed at what appeared to be a black handgun at a man he had seen earlier that day.

The victim ran to a nearby home and called police, telling officers that Eling had just pointed a gun at him. The victim was with some friends and had seen Eling and his girlfriend at a convenience store that day. Later, one of the victim’s friend’s received a text message from Eling that said Eling didn’t like the way the victim was looking at his girlfriend at the convenience store.

That night, the victim and his friends were at Humphries Park when Eling allegedly drove by displaying the gun, cocked it and pointed it at the victim before rapidly driving out of the park.

The next day, Washington County deputies arrested Eling. In interviews with deputies Eling said he displayed a pellet gun that looks like a handgun. He told officers he was trying to scare the victim. Deputies found the pellet gun in Eling’s home.

Eling is being charged with felony level terroristic threats and he could face one year and one day plus pay up to $3,000.